Firework Displays

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Why not delight your audience with the ultimate Firework display?

Why not delight your audience with the ultimate display, fireworks choreographed to an inspirational music composition of your choice. These “symphonies in the sky” allow our designers to produce something very special for your event. With split second accuracy watch the fireworks dance with ground based sequences or majestically through the sky recreating the harmonies and emotions of the music.

From “live” classical performances to modern jazz and arena rock bands, we have a firework or pyrotechnic solution for every type of music whether it is indoors or outside, stage or aerial effects, elegant or totally explosive.

For recorded soundtracks we can re-master your desired music tracks or themes and even time-code this, allowing for perfect synchronization with fireworks bursting on the actual beat of the music. While using the FireOne™ digital firing system we have total control of the fireworks making this type of display a truly magical experience.

To turn this magical show into a full spectacular production check out our Show Services section for additional show elements.