International Fireworks

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When you need to establish a firework display outside of the UK, you will want to be sure that you receive the same level of service and attention to detail as you would from any Smart show in the UK. We are able to provide a full comprehensive International display service that will deal with all local laws regarding fireworks in the country of your choice, we will arrange the most economic way to provide the equipment and fireworks at your display as well as the usual service guarantees we provide in the UK regarding the design and firing of the display.

We will utilise the expertise of local display companies where we can, which also provides a different style of show design we can consider for you keeping your display authentic to the chosen country. From our technicians to designers, we have travelled the world and been privileged to work with some of the most prestigious International companies from Spain, Italy, France, Finland, Japan, Australia and China. All of these experiences have given us a wealth of knowledge from performing at festivals and competitions to providing discrete private functions and public celebrations.