When it comes to technology, we embrace it with open arms as our team see every form of technology as a major part of the future for our innovative business. From advanced digital firing systems to the latest in equipment safety we utilise every option possible to ensure all of our shows are as spectacular and safe as possible.

FireOne Technology™

This latest generation of control systems allow us to burst fireworks in complex sequences through the sky and along the ground with split second accuracy as well as giving us the ability to isolate products within a show if we feel safety is being compromised. Fully compatible with Time code, allows us to integrate this system with lighting desks, lasers and most importantly sound.

PyroQuip Mortar Rack Systems

This style of modular mortar racking system is both quick to install, robust and most importantly extremely safe. Should a product malfunction at ground level then we need to ensure it is contained within the rack system. Developed for maximum safety, we have invested in a system that will never compromise the show, our technicians or the viewing audience.